For Parents

“But What Will We Tell the Children?”

It is imperative to tell our children the truth about America: that all of our systems profit off of and perpetuate anti-Black racism.

100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say to Your Child to Advance Racial Justice

A blog sharing a quote from each of their 100 posts, in the hopes of guiding parents in talking about race with their young children.

17 Books for Teens About the Ongoing Fight for Equality

A parenting website offering 17 fiction books for teens that tell stories of fighting for social justice such as civil rights, gender inequality, LGBTQIA+ rights, disability rights, and rights of immigrants and indigenous people.

6 Things White Parents Can Do to Raise Racially Conscious Children

An article advising parents how and when to have honest, in-depth, specific conversations about race and racism with their children.

A Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory

A video of author Jelani Memory reading his children’s book called, “A Kids Book About Racism”.

BLM Instructional Library

A slideshow of children’s books, including a selection in Spanish, that have links to read-alouds on topics from activism and advocacy to self-love and empowerment, and Black history.

Books and Resources to Help You Raise Anti-Racist Children

A parenting resource with an list of books dealing with issues of race for children and teens as well as articles for parents and educators, black-owned bookstores and bookstagrammers, and places to donate.

Books to Teach White Children and Teens How to Undo Racism and White Supremacy

A list of children’s books that discuss race and racism from Charis Books and More in Decatur, GA.

California is Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen

An article that tells the story of Calafia, revealing the surprising complexity of medieval attitudes about race.

Children’s Books That Feature Characters with Disabilities

A list of children’s books that feature main or secondary characters with disabilities as a part of their plot.

Embrace Race

A resource centered around nurturing children of color and raising children to be empathetic, inclusive, and critical thinkers about racial inequity.

How to Talk to Kids About Race: Books and Resources That Can Help

A list of books and resources for varying ages that address diversity and racism.

Mahogany L. Browne & Jason Reynolds on Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice

Authors Mahogany L. Browne and Jason Reynolds discussing their children’s book Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice, a collection of poems inspiring middle-graders to stay woke and speak out against injustice.

Meet the 12-Year-Old Trailblazer Fighting for Equality in Kids’ Books

A 12-year-old girl has become a famous activist and icon for fighting for representation for young black girls in children’s books.

Ronald McNair’s Civil Disobedience: The Illustrated Story of How a Little Boy Who Grew Up to Be a Trailblazing Astronaut Fought Segregation at the Public Library

A summary and analysis of children’s book, Ron’s Big Mission, by Rose Blue and Corinne Naden, which tells the story of astronaut Ronald McNair’s childhood.

Social Justice: Fifteen Titles to Address Inequity, Equality, and Organizing for Young Readers

A list of fifteen young adult books that address inequity, equality, and organizing.

Students Learn a Powerful Lesson About Privilege

A video explaining a classroom demonstration that teaches students about privilege.

Systemic Racism Explained

A video that uses an example of two young boys, one Black and one white, to explain systemic racism in America.

Talking With Children About Racism, Police Brutality and Protests

Advice for talking to all ages of children about about race and racism.

The Conscious Kid

Parenting and education through a critical race lens.

They’re Not Too Young to Talk About Race!

A graphic depicting the impact of talking about race to children, with statistics on the ages when prejudice emerges and how it can be fought.