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A podcast by and for Vermont educators, discussing books for professional development and use in the classroom.

100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say to Your Child to Advance Racial Justice

A blog sharing a quote from each of their 100 posts, in the hopes of guiding parents in talking about race with their young children.

17 Books for Teens About the Ongoing Fight for Equality

A parenting website offering 17 fiction books for teens that tell stories of fighting for social justice such as civil rights, gender inequality, LGBTQIA+ rights, disability rights, and rights of immigrants and indigenous people.

50 Years After the Kerner Commission report, the nation is still grappling with many of the same issues

This article uses graphs and text to expose how concerns from President Johnson’s Kerner Commission from 1968 still run rampant and need to be addressed today, including extreme segregation, limited housing choices, concentrated poverty, and poor schools.

99 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

100 antiracist actions white people can take.

A Guide to Equity and Antiracism for Educators

A guide for educators to think and teach about race, including what to read, watch, look at on social media, and how to take action and self-reflect.

A Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory

A video of Memory reading his children’s book called, “A Kids Book About Racism”.

American History Is Getting Whitewashed, Again

As demands for racial justice grow, Trump is pushing historical mythmaking into high gear.

An Authentic Look at Thanksgiving

Information from the National Museum of the American Indian on how to teach about Native Americans appropriately, including the truth about Thanksgiving and resources for teaching about Thanksgiving through Native American perspectives.

Antiracism in Social-Emotional Learning: Why It’s Not Enough to Talk the Talk

An opinion article that demands more from schools— an active antiracist approach and acknowledgement of systemic racism that works alongside a social-emotional curriculum.

Barriers for Black Scientists

An article that details the racial barriers that Black pioneer chemist Percy Julian had to endure up until his death 32 years ago, that still present for Black people in STEM in the present day.

BLM Instructional Library

A slideshow of children’s books, including a selection in Spanish, that have links to read-alouds on topics from activism and advocacy to self-love and empowerment, and Black history.

Booklists and Resources Addressing Race and Social Justice from the VT Dept of Libraries

An antiracist booklist grouped by target age of reader created by the Vermont Department of Libraries.

Books and Resources to Help You Raise Anti-Racist Children

A parenting resource with an list of books dealing with issues of race for children and teens as well as articles for parents and educators, black-owned bookstores and bookstagrammers, and places to donate.

Books to Teach White Children and Teens How to Undo Racism and White Supremacy

A list of children’s books that discuss race and racism from Charis Books and More in Decatur, GA.

Boosting Science with Diversity

An article that describes the systemic issues underlying diversity challenges in STEM and how to fight these issues as well as how diverse teams of scientists have a competitive edge over more homogenous groups.

Building Antiracist White Educators

A collective of educators based in Philadelphia who create monthly reading lists and discussion guides for white educators to participate in a decentralized inquiry into their own biases and foster safe, inclusive classrooms.

California is Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen

An article that tells the story of Calafia, revealing the surprising complexity of medieval attitudes about race.

Call a Thing a Thing

A New York Times opinion piece describing the vague, minimizing language surrounding race in the US that avoids the fact that white supremacy is the biggest racial problem this country faces, and has faced.

Celebrating Black Scientists

A minute-long video from PBS introducing a list of recognition-worthy Black scientists and their areas of study for Black History Month.

Children’s Books That Feature Characters with Disabilities

A list of children’s books that feature main or secondary characters with disabilities as a part of their plot.

Children’s Community School Social Justice Resources

Advice for how to talk to children about social justice issues.

Cornel West: We Must Fight the Commodification of Everybody and Everything

An interview with philosopher and activist Cornel West in which he discusses the recent presidential election and why a democratic socialist vision is necessary to overcome capitalism and build a better society.

Dive into Racial Justice with “Above the Noise”

An article that describes how to use KQED’s show “Above the Noise” to teach students about racism, including show episodes on what it means to be an antiracist, why the coronavirus disproportionately impacts people of color, characteristics of today’s protests compared to civil rights protests, and many episodes exploring racial injustice in education.

Early Childhood Adversity, Toxic Stress, and the Impacts of Racism on the Foundations of Health

A study from researchers at Harvard that investigates how toxic stress, especially from sources such as institutional/structural racism, cultural racism, and interpersonal discrimination, can undermine the building blocks of optimal health and development during early childhood.


An extensive library of resources for educators from the Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union in Richford, VT, categorized by age and including information on awareness, antiracism, professional development, student wellness & support, LGBTQIA, and more.

Elevating Hispanic/Latinx History All Year

An article providing information and resources for teachers on how to teach about Hispanic and Latinx culture and history.

Embrace Race

A resource centered around nurturing children of color and raising children to be empathetic, inclusive, and critical thinkers about racial inequity.

Free Recorded Webinars

Webinars from the National Equity Project focusing on equity as a whole, as well as equity in the classroom, implicit bias and structural racialization, and liberatory design mindsets.

From Juneteenth to the Tulsa Massacre: What Isn’t Taught in Classrooms Has a Profound Impact

Educators describe the way the history of systemic racism in this country and the contributions of Black people have been erased in textbooks.

How ‘Good White People’ Derail Racial Progress

Middle-class white people are often vocally liberal and anti-racist, yet refuse to give up some power and resources in their communities, which is why they are a sneaky, major barrier in the Black Lives Matter movement.

How Racist Policing Took Over American Cities, Explained by a Historian

Historian Khalil Muhammad explains the origins of racist policing: “The problem is the way policing was built”.

How to Be an Antiracist Educator

A step-by-step guide to being an antiracist educator.

How to Be an Antiracist Educator

An article from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development that provides methods of action for educators to commit to antiracism, including engaging in vigilant self-awareness, acknowledging racism and the ideology of white supremacy, studying and teaching representative history, talking about race with students, and doing something when you see racism.

How to Talk to Kids About Race: Books and Resources That Can Help

A list of books and resources for varying ages that address diversity and racism.

I am From Here

A film from PBS series “Made Here” that was commissioned by the Vermont-NEA Racial Justice Task Force in collaboration with the National Education Association that includes interviews with parents, community members, educators, and students who shares their accounts of living in and going to school in Vermont.

Inaugural ‘Black in X’ Weeks Foster Inclusivity and Empowerment in STEM

An article describing numerous ‘Black in X’ weeks that occurred in 2020 recognizing the achievements of Black stem professionals, including Black Birders Week, Black In Neuroscience Week, Black Mammologists Week, Black in Microbiology Week, and Black in Marine Science Week.

Irish Slaves’ Post That’s Been Shared Nearly a Million Times is Basically 100% False

A viral photo that claims to capture Irish slaves from the 17th century is actually of Belgian coal miners around 1900.

John Lewis on Love, Forgiveness, and the Seedbed of Personal Strength

Delving into John Lewis’ firm belief in refusing to stop loving the world: “Anchor the eternity of love in your own soul… Lean toward the whispers of your own heart… Release the need to hate, to harbor division, and the enticement of revenge… But when it is your time don’t be afraid to stand up, speak up, and speak out against injustice.”

Legacy of Shame’: How Racist Clauses in Housing Deeds Divided America

An examination of the history of racial convenants in housing deeds and the segregationist legacy they’ve left.

Mahogany L. Browne & Jason Reynolds on Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice

Authors Mahogany L. Browne and Jason Reynolds discussing their children’s book Woke: A Young Poet’s Call to Justice, a collection of poems inspiring middle-graders to stay woke and speak out against injustice.

Meet the 12-Year-Old Trailblazer Fighting for Equality in Kids’ Books

A 12-year-old girl has become a famous activist and icon for fighting for representation for young black girls in children’s books.

NEA EdJustice

NEA EdJustice engages and mobilizes activists in the fight for racial, social and economic justice in public education.

New & Revised: A Collection of Advice on Talking to Students About Race & Racism

A collection of resources for educators questioning how to talk to students about race and racism in the classroom.

New Era of Public Safety

An advocacy toolkit for understanding the dangers of the current policing in America and developing a new, fair, safe, and effective approach to public safety.

Nourishing Roots for Antiracism

Alyssa Chen’s documentation of their project of supporting their institution, Vermont Adult Learning in Chittenden County, in becoming antiracist starting at the root.

Project READY: Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth / Module 13: Allies & Antiracism

An “Allies and Antiracism” module of online professional development curriculum, “Project READY: Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth”.

Racial Justice Organizing

A space for educators and allies to engage in collective learning and action to make schools and the city of Philadelphia places that allow for Black and brown students, educators, and families to thrive.

Risk of Being Killed by Police Use of Force in the United States by Age, Race-Ethnicity, and Sex

A study investigating police violence that finds that for young men of color, police use of force is one of the leading causes of death— the odds of dying by police violence is about 1 in 1,000 for Black men.

Robert Walsh: We Must Improve Teaching of African American History

Former high school teacher and state representative, adjunct faculty member at UVM, and author, Robert Walsh, traces the history of racism in America and advocates for African American history to be inserted into all aspects of secondary school curriculum, and for bill H. 79 to be passed in VT.

Roles and Responsibilities in Vermont School Systems

A document from the Vermont Agency of Education describing Act 46 of 2015: a rethinking of school district governance to ensure that systems are organized to support goals of quality and equity in student learning and that district resources are used in the most effective way to support those goals.

Ronald McNair’s Civil Disobedience: The Illustrated Story of How a Little Boy Who Grew Up to Be a Trailblazing Astronaut Fought Segregation at the Public Library

A summary and analysis of children’s book, Ron’s Big Mission, by Rose Blue and Corinne Naden, which tells the story of astronaut Ronald McNair’s childhood.

Scholars of Poverty and Inequality Face Their Own Racial Reckoning

An examination of the racist beliefs about Black cultural deficiencies that show up in the field of inequality and poverty studies.

Social Justice: Fifteen Titles to Address Inequity, Equality, and Organizing for Young Readers

A list of fifteen young adult books that address inequity, equality, and organizing.

Students Learn a Powerful Lesson About Privilege

A video explaining a classroom demonstration that teaches students about privilege.

Systemic Racism Explained

A video that uses an example of two young boys, one Black and one white, to explain systemic racism in America.

Talking With Children About Racism, Police Brutality and Protests

Advice for talking to all ages of children about about race and racism.

Teachers Pay Teachers: Teach for Justice

Perspectives from teachers on anti-racist work in the classroom and a six-part speaker series supporting the essential conversations teachers need to have with students and each other about racism and social justice.

Teaching About Race When There Are Only a Few BIPOC Students in Class

A guide from an equity consultant, trainer, and strategist on safe and empowering ways to discuss race, racism, and antiracism in predominantly white classrooms.

Teaching For Change

A website with a multitude of resources for parents and educators to help them teach children about social justice and help them think, read, and write critically about the world’s issues.

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery // Classroom Videos

A guide from Teaching Tolerance for teaching about slavery including a film, 10 key concepts, and 10 short videos alongside them, featuring prominent academics explaining the ideas.

Teaching Students a New Black History

An article describing the ways Black people have pooled their resources to educate and empower themselves independently, from pre-Civil War to the present day.

Teaching Tolerance: Anti-Racist Education

Blog posts and lesson plans posted by teachers for antiracist curricula.

Teaching While White

TWW seeks to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom through offering opportunities to look at how racial identity development impacts teaching and learning.

The Conscious Kid

Parenting and education through a critical race lens.

The Forgotten Slavery of Our Ancestors

A twelve-minute film featured as a part of Teaching Tolerance’s “Teaching Hard History” series, The Forgotten Slavery of Our Ancestors offers an introduction to the history of Indigenous enslavement on land that is now the United States.

The Hope and Fragility of Democracy in the United States

A guide, including lessons, handouts, and films, to teaching students about the history of and tension between democratic and anti-democratic efforts in the United States from Reconstruction to today.

The Other Pandemic

An article by the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at UVM that describes a plan of action for confronting the pandemic of white supremacy through innovative changes to schools.

They’re Not Too Young to Talk About Race!

A graphic depicting the impact of talking about race to children, with statistics on the ages when prejudice emerges and how it can be fought.

This Is What White Supremacy Looks Like in Our High Schools

The story of a high school teacher’s experiences in fighting to challenge systemic racism in his high school classrooms.

To My White Educators:

A Twitter thread describing all the actions, beyond social media posts, that white educators need to do to be better.

Welcoming Schools

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools, a comprehensive, bias-based, intersectional, anti-racist bullying prevention program that provides LGBTQ and gender inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklists and resources specifically designed for Pre K – 8 educators and youth-serving professionals.

When Bad Things Are Happening

An educator’s guide to discussing violent or disastrous events with students as they unfold.

White Teachers Need to See Color. Here’s Why.

An article demanding white educators to see color.